Renovation and Decorative Finish for Entrance and Outdoor Area

Westminster Primary School in Birmingham is a mainstream state school for pupils aged from three to eleven years old.

We have worked with the school to renovate several of their outdoor areas over the last few years. The final stage of this project was to completely re-vamp the entrance and car park of the school, in order to give a wow factor to any visitors.

Car park refurbishment.

Resurfacing the Car Park, Driveway and Entrance

We began by resurfacing the entire driveway and car park with brand new tarmac. We then applied new thermoplastic markings to create new car park markings and traffic control instructions.

We supplied and installed bespoke hanging baskets made up of artificial planting in order to minimise the amount of maintenance needed whilst still making the area look natural. We designed the brackets on the hanging baskets specifically for the school, with the school logo laser cut into each bracket and so ensuring a unique and tailored appearance.

We ripped out the existing area in order to create a contemporary entrance to the school. We supplied and installed various colours of resin bonded gravel, complete with stainless steel planters filled with 2.4m high artificial trees, creating a new and very impressive grand entrance. We surrounded the planters with angel whirlpool boulders for a decorative finish.

Finally, the school requested that we create a contemporary, decorative fencing that ran down the full length of the driveway leading up to the school. This was made up of recycled material powder coated steel uprights and artificial plant art. This was designed alongside the school and is totally unique to them.                                                                               

The new driveway and entrance to the school creates an impressive and ‘grand’ feel to any visitors arriving. The artificial planting throughout the new entrance and driveway maintains a natural and green feel to the area whilst reducing maintenance and the costs associated whilst offering a year round, high quality solution to brighten up any area.

We maintain a close relationship with all the staff at Westminster Primary School, and we are looking forward to the next unique project.

Here’s some before, during and after project images

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