We all know that the importance of the safety and well-being of our children in playgrounds is of paramount importance. Outdoor play areas are designed for children to enjoy whilst at the same time presenting them with physical and in some cases mental challenges. An element of risk in the playground is what teaches children how to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner for their own safety as well as for the safety of others around them. Outdoor playground equipment plays a big role in providing the stimulation and challenges expected from outdoor play areas but in order to ensure that this does not present any unreasonably high risks of injury, regular inspection, risk assessments and maintenance is required.

Be Educated on Current Playground Related Legislation

Many of the legal aspects of play areas and outdoor playground equipment boil down to common sense but if you are responsible for an outdoor play area then it is important that you are somewhat aware of the particulars of the legislation relevant to your outdoor playground equipment and the area in, which it features.

Common Law Vs Statute Law

In England and Wales there are two types of law that cover playgrounds, common law and statute law. Common law applies to local authorities and laws made by judges and mainly relate to negligence claims. Statute law is Parliamentary law. There are a number of Acts that comprise of laws related to play area safety and outdoor playground equipment legislation. The below Acts are the ones that currently relate to outdoor children’s play areas

  • Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999)
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1984)
  • Occupier’s Liability Act (1957, Revised 1984)
  • Consumer Protection Act (1987)
  • Unfair Contract Terms Act (1977)
  • Children Act (1989)
  • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (1995)
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (2002)
  • Control of Pesticides Regulations (1986)
  • Environmental Protection Act (1990)

Some of the above can easily be identified as relevant in regards to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of children using your outdoor playground equipment and play areas but if you would like more details of these you can visit the HSE website to view these acts in more detail.

Let us Provide Safe and Stimulating Outdoor Playground Equipment

For over 20 years, Let’s Play Everywhere have been providing and installing outdoor playground equipment and playground flooring throughout the country. Our team of experts are not only adept at the physical aspects of play equipment manufacturing and installation, they are also well versed in the relevant legislations and how best to adhere to stringent guidelines in order to ensure the safety of those that use the outdoor play area. As market leading playground equipment installers we will not only provide stimulating, challenging and safe equipment, but our personalised service includes consultation and advice.

Contacting Let’s Play Everywhere

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