Communal Area Renovation

Stockport Homes are a limited company that manages the housing owned by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.

As well as creating fabulous play spaces all across the UK, Let’s Play (Everywhere) works closely with housing associations to improve their gardens and communal areas and have worked with Stockport Homes on previous occasions.

Communal Transformation

As you can see from the before photo, the area on Commercial Road was extremely run down and had deteriorated into a dull and untidy area with rotten fencing, broken and uneven paving slabs and overgrown grass and weeds. The area was supposed to be a communal area for the residents to relax, but it was unusable.

We stripped the area completely back to a blank canvass; we removed all the old broken paving slabs, the dead trees and grass and broken fencing. We carried out both hard and soft landscaping, turfing the area and adding concrete paving slabs making it a lot brighter and a more inviting area for the residents to go for a nice walk. Finally we added picnic benches and rotary dryers, and the transformation was complete.

Practical Renovation

The residents now have a completely renovated communal area, complete with seating areas to relax and washing lines for their clothes. What was once a completely unusable, dull and dilapidated area is now a practical and comfortable area for the residents to make the most of that will last for years to come.

One of Let’s Play’s specialities is hard and soft landscaping. Our skilled groundworkers can completely renovate a bleak, dull communal area into a new green, versatile space that helps to encourage a sense of community and brings people of all ages and backgrounds together helping them to reconnect with nature.

Here’s some before, during and after project images

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