Educational Playground Fun Markings

Northern Primary School is located in the rural village of Weir, close to Bacup in the Rossendale Valley. The school cares for 186 children from the ages of 4 to 11 years old.

The school wanted to give their outdoor play area a bit of a lift; it was originally a grey tarmac space, which was a bit dull and uninspiring for the children.

A-Z Snake thermoplastic marking.

We installed several thermoplastic playground fun Markings including a 3 Lane running track, Classic Hopscotches, Basketball key, Piggy in the Middle, Netball Court, Mini Football Court, A-Z Snake, Chessboard¸ Compass, 1-100 Number Grid, Target 1-25 Outline, Line Maze and a 1-50 Snake. As well as installing the thermoplastic markings, we also designed and installed bespoke handmade timber planters created by Let’s Play’s joiners.

Thermoplastic Markings for Educational Fun

The new thermoplastic playground fun markings will provide fantastic fun and educational play times for the children. The playground fun markings can be used to support the children’s learning, both physically and academically. With letter and number games now available in the new play area, the children will be able to have fun whilst learning. The running track and sports courts will encourage that all-important exercise during play time and also provide areas for physical education lessons.

The bespoke timber planters will bring a natural feel to the area, giving the opportunity for natural and sensory education allowing the children to learn about the natural world and the senses through touch and smell by planting herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Here’s some before, during and after project images