The team at Let’s Play Everywhere have been very busy of late and we have given our website a facelift. We felt it was time to have a look at the layout of our website and we came to the conclusion that our services were not properly showcased. If you are familiar with our website then you may have noticed some of the changes and we think you will agree that these changes have succeeded in making our website more informative and aesthetically pleasing.

Showcasing Outdoor Gym Equipment and MUGAS Services

One of the main services we wanted to get across with our new website layout was our outdoor gym equipment installation service, which is why we have dedicated a whole new page to this alone. Health and fitness receives a lot of focus, with many people becoming more aware of the importance and benefits of physical activity. Outdoor public parks have even started to feature outdoor gyms in order to allow more access for everyone to exercise equipment. With this in mind we decided that we needed to make it known that this is something that Let’s Play Everywhere are able to provide.

Encouraging Exercise and Healthy Lifestyles Early

Multi Use Games Area, otherwise known as MUGAS are an excellent way to utilise empty space within a playground. Outdoor gym equipment has been proven to not only encourage a healthy lifestyle through fitness; use of it can also help develop balance, agility, coordination and gross motor skills. By encouraging exercise early, children become accustomed to physical activity and will go on to incorporate this into their lives as they grow and develop. The outdoor gym equipment we provide is built to be robust and reliable, this means that these area low maintenance and cost effective solution to populating empty space.

Artificial Grass – The Low Cost Alternative

Another area in, which we excel and one we felt needed better coverage on our website is our ability to provide artificial grass installation in a range of settings. Artificial grass originally came under safety surfacing but we feel this is one on its own. We not only provide artificial grass installation in play areas, we have worked on private properties in the past. Because fake grass is a low cost, low maintenance alternative to turf, more and more people are choosing to have this installed at home in their gardens and outdoor areas.

Get in Touch with Let’s Play Everywhere Today.

So have a look around. And if you are interested in finding out more about any of the playground installation services we provide give us a call. You can reach the Let’s Play direct on 01282 618614 and a helpful member of our team will be happy to provide you with any additional information you require.