Colourful Wetpour Safety Surface

Moorside Children’s centre offers services for families with children aged 0-5 years old.

They were a brand new nursery that had just opened with no outdoor play area. They needed an exciting new play area to give a ‘wow factor’ and encourage new parents to bring their little ones to the nursery.


We created a natural play area consisting of a water play area, bespoke timber playground equipment including a hand made bridge, mirror panels, chalk boards, play panels, wigwam den, sand pit and digging area and natural planting areas with herbs and bamboo. Finally, we installed black wetpour safety surfacing and cut some exciting graphics into the surfacing to create a bicycle area for the little ones to play safely on their bikes.

A diverse range of Playground Equipment

Play time will always be exciting with such an extensive range of playground equipment. As well as maintaining a fun and exciting environment for the children to play in, all of the playground equipment we installed at Moorside Children’s Centre is educational and beneficial for the children’s development. The natural theme will encourage the children to learn through sensory play, helping them to interact with nature and experience the natural world through the water and sand play and the natural planting areas.

The chalk boards, mirror panels and play panels will stimulate the children’s imagination and encourage their creative development with opportunities to express themselves through art and design. Play time is maximised with the wetpour safety surfacing that we laid, allowing a degree of risk to be introduced whilst reducing the risk of injury and encouraging the children’s physical and mental development by stretching their abilities and imagination and helping to build their confidence.

Here’s some before, during and after project images