Water Play, Sand Play and Fun Outdoor Learning Area

Lumley Infant & Nursery School, in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, is set in the beautiful village of Great Lumley and is an exceptional school that prides themselves on their exceptional standard of teaching and learning.

Lumley Infant and Nursery School approached Lets Play Everywhere with a mindful of beautiful, creative and outstanding ideas  that would transform their outdated school playground. Together, Lumley Infants and Lets Play, set to make their dreams become a reality.

The design consisted of 4 areas each carefully thought out to cover all aspects of outdoor learning.

Water play area

Consisting in transforming the far end of the play area which was tired and in need of a little attention into a beautiful bespoke natural water play area covering many key learning skills and educational play. A natural 6m running stream including a highland cobble rockery with sensory planting and a cast iron water pump installed onto a bespoke timber platform. The stream runs gently under our handmade timber bridge into a small reservoir which forms an ideal habitat for frogs and such. The area is surfaced with play grade bark to form a continuation of a natural area.

Sand play area

Here we installed a bespoke play grade chamfered top log sand pit with a diameter  of 3 meters to promote creative play, encourage and develop social skills and stretch the children’s imagination, surrounded by Luxury plus artificial grass.

Raised stage and storytelling area

Here in area 3 our in-house carpenters designed, created and  installed a raised bespoke stage with curved seating to provide an area for children to be creative, developing new skills to encourage imaginative play, role play and help build confidence.  Also incorporated into the area our play grade timber rounded log story telling area surrounded by a low level planter to create a natural and neutral  setting designed to provide children with a different aspect of storytelling,  surfaced with rubber bonded mulch to continue a natural theme.

The final area was designed to create a multi functional indoor/outdoor classroom whatever the weather may me with its bespoke removable side, fitted with recycled heavy duty plastic tables and benches especially designed for wiping down after a messy, sticky but most importantly fun and creative day.

Here’s some before, during and after project images

Customer Website: www.lumley-infants.durham.sch.uk/