Educational Play

Stimulate Children’s Creativity

We understand that playtime is a fundamental time for both physical and mental development. Safe, challenging and engaging play environments encourage children to test themselves and develop new abilities in a fun way; we know this as we have spent years creating playgrounds that are safe and of the highest standard.

Encouraging Activity

Physically challenging and fun, whilst sparking the imaginations of children, playground Markings help in the development of numeracy and literacy.

We have created lots of markings, making learning fun and helping to encourage physical education. Sports and fitness markings are great for physical development, offering children the chance to develop their fine and gross motor skills whilst encouraging spontaneous outdoor play.

Chalk boards and white boards stimulate the imagination and encourage children’s creative development with opportunities to express themselves and explore their thoughts, ideas and feelings through art and design. Our range of musical instruments, activity play panels and wall games are a great way to incorporate fun and education in play time.

We provide a range of educational and physical activity panels, which encourage children to have fun whilst learning. At the same time they can explore ideas and learn through music, design and technology, movement and dance, as well as having fun with imaginative and role play activities.

Developing Social Skills through Group Play

As adults it is important we take a step back from time to time and let our children discover the world and interact with their peers on their own accord. Obviously, we want them to do this in a safe and structured environment and this is where school playground equipment comes in. Nursery playground equipment might seem focused on fun, but it is during this early play that children start to develop socially and it can even be said that it is during these years we really start to discover empathy towards those around us. How moving is it to see your child comforting another by showing compassion or even simply just sharing a toy?

Emotional, Intellectual and Physical Development through Play

Science suggests that between the ages 3 and 5, children are best able to develop social skills such as conflict resolution. Learning to deal with challenging social situations early on has vast benefits later in life and their nursery school peers are an excellent way for them to do this. Physically, children need to be challenged so they don’t become frustrated and distracted. Exercise through play can help a child develop physically and intellectually, allowing them to become more focused when in the classroom.

Sensory Play Areas

Let’s Play specialise in natural and sensory play; we understand that children value the chance to interact with nature, and these experiences help them to appreciate and understand the importance of the natural world and the environment.

We understand the importance of sensory education and have a range of equipment that encourages children to explore the natural world. Our bespoke timber planters for herbs, vegetables and flowers help children to learn through touch and smell.  We can create a natural story telling area with handmade story telling seating, which will encourage the children to express their thoughts and ideas and really allow imaginations to run wild.

Take a look at some of our services

Let's Play Everywhere

We always deliver and our project management and installation team will apply their vast experience and expertise from conception to commission.

Let's Play Everywhere

It's not always feasible to implement a new play area or necessary to replace play equipment. Our refurbishment and repair team can breathe new life into old items.

Let's Play Everywhere

Professional playground design and consultation can be essential to help determine your funding and inclusivity requirements for any successful project.

Let's Play Everywhere

Our team can provide you with a professional inspection and maintenance service that will help to ensure playground welfare and safety.

UK Wide Playground Services

Nationwide Project Delivery

We have a wealth of experience in managing successful projects the length and ​breadth of the UK.  Being based in an ideal location for reaching all corners of England, Scotland and Wales, enables us to provide national and local services so that our clients can benefit from over twenty years of successful delivery.

By working closely with our clients, we ensure that each collaboration is uniquely tailored to maximise the end product and that our partnership benefits all the parties involved. Whether it is a large or small project, we work with our clients as partners to create a unified objective that produces a united vision.

Please take a look at some our previous work to see why our valued customers return to us for their playground projects.

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